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Modi’s ‘Mission Shakti’ Speech Could Have Violated Model Code Said by Former CECs

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech to announce that India has joined a select group nations with the capability to shoot down low orbit satellites could well be a violation of the model code of conduct. While the opposition has alleged so in letters written to the Election Commission, some former chief election commissioners agree that the issue needs close examination.

It has also been reported in a section of the media that the EC held an “internal consultation” on the issue. It may soon seek comments from the Modi government on the urgency for the demonstration of capability and the announcement.

The commission said, “The matter related to the address of the Prime Minister to the Nation on electronic media today afternoon has been brought to the notice of the Election Commission of India. The Commission has directed a Committee of Officers to examine the matter immediately in the light of Model Code of Conduct.”

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